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July 9, 2022

Locked Up Sports Episode 20 (Joe Benigno)

WFAN Legend Joe Benigno joins Bob and Brett to discuss life after WFAN, his new Podcast “Oh the Pain”, and of course everything going in the NY Sports scene. If you’re a fan of his you’re going to love this episode, it’s classic Joe B

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Long Time WFAN host joins the show to talk Mets, Yankees, Rangers Future, Kyrie and Durant, life after WFAN and the success of his new "Oh The Pain" Podcast. Enjoy the show and don't forget to Subscribe and leave us a review

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Joe BenignoProfile Photo

Joe Benigno

Sports Radio Personality

Joseph S. Benigno is an American sports radio personality. He was a co-host of the Joe & Evan show with Evan Roberts weekdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET on the New York radio stations WFAN-AM and WFAN-FM. His retirement was announced on October 28, 2020. He currently hosts the “Oh The Pain” podcast