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When it Comes to Talking Sports They’re the Authority

https://lockedupsportsshow.wordpress.com/ Two lifelong friends who share the love and passion for all things Sports and who both work for The Department of Correction give you a opinionated, funny, and highly entertaining take on all the happenings around the world of sports. Bob Walters, a 7 year veteran Correction Officer on Rikers Island for the NYC Dept Of Correction is a Sports Junkie, Die hard Mets, Giants, Rangers, Knicks, and College hoops fan. He brings his sarcastic, opinionated, encyclopedia of sports knowledge to the table which is contrasted perfectly by his Co-Host Brett Grosso. Brett Grosso is a RN at the Suffolk County Jail in Riverhead Long Island. He shares in the long suffering life of a Mets fan along with his cohost. Unfortunately the pain and suffering does not stop there as he is also a huge NY Jets fan. Brett's calming demeanor and dry sense of humor keeps the show from going off the rails. The dynamic between the two work perfectly and you're going to get hooked on this podcast whether you're a sports fan or not. When it comes to talking sports they're the Authority: Join Hosts Bob Walters and Brett Grosso every Thursday Night at 11pm For the best Sports Talk around!! METS, YANKEES, GIANTS, JETS, ISLANDERS, RANGERS, KNICKS, NETS, Hard hitting interviews and all the news from around the sports world https://lockedupsportsshow.wordpress.com/