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Aug. 6, 2022

Locked Up Sports Episode 24: Saratoga Stumble

Locked Up Sports Episode 24: Saratoga Stumble
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Locked up Sports live from Saratoga Springs NY on The night before the Grade 1 Whitney Stakes:

Pink Sheet Hanycapper Sam Hollingsworth joins the show to give his take and who you should put your money on in Saturday's big race.

Did the Mets do enough at trade Deadline?

Braves take game two of big 5 Game series in Flushing

Who does their job worse than Joey Gallo?

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Sam HollingsworthProfile Photo

Sam Hollingsworth

Pink Sheet handicapper and racing writer

Sam grew up in the Saratoga Springs, NY area of Upstate New York and wrote for The Saratogian newspaper and The Pink Sheet as a sports reporter and turf writer before focusing on marketing as a career. Since then, he has handicapped for The Pink Sheet daily throughout the Saratoga Race Course meet each year and has been published in multiple publications for his racing coverage. He is once again looking forward to picking the ponies this year alongside some of the best in the business for The Pink Sheet once The Spa opens up on July 14, 2022.